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Organic Gardening

What we doWe do not provide families with fruit of any kind at this time. If you are not accustomed to eating seasonally, you may find that it takes a while to make a transition from eating whatever is at the grocery store (pretty much everything) to whatever is in your CSA basket (what's in season). We are an all organic farm and use only natural herbs for pesticides, and only use natural materials in the compost for fertilizing. It may surprise you to find that you will encounter that the textures and taste of your vegetables will be very different than store bought, it may surprise you to find that tomatoes do not ripen until mid to late summer. You should expect the season to start off lighter than it finishes. The first crops will usually be salad greens, peas, green onions and the like. By the end of the season, the boxes should be much heavier, with things like winter squash, potatoes, tomatoes, and broccoli. We will try providing a list of what produce is up coming and when to expect it. Quantity variesWhen filling the weekly CSA baskets, we try and provide a variety of items, in a reasonable quantity. We don't want to be skimpy, and we don't want to overwhelm our members. Too much of even a good thing, and it ends up going to waste, which makes everyone feel bad. Over time, we will develop a feel for how much is the right amount for our members through the responses from our members for what’s fair, what's reasonable, what will get eaten. Of course, the weather and other mitigating circumstances can get in the way of our ability to provide the ideal amount, as discussed above. The amount of produce to expect week is about a half bushel for half shares and one full bushel for full shares. If you want to preserve food for winter, ask we can work out different quantities allowing members to get extra quantities of certain vegetables for canning or freezing when available. If this is something that interests you please ask.This Agreement is as FollowsWHISPERING W FARMDavid & Tonya Williams12746 State Route 72Leesburg, Ohio 45135 Will provide the labor, land, resources, returnable/reusable boxes for the vegetables and miscellaneous products, the cost is as follows in the amounts stated, Full Share Delivered is $750.00 per season and ONE Bushel weekly$375.00 Down and 10 weekly payments of $37.50  Full Share Picked Up is $500.00 per season and ONE Bushel weekly$250.00 Down and 10 weekly payments of $25.00  Half Share Delivered is $375.00 per season and HALF Bushel Weekly$187.50 Down and 10 weekly payments of $18.75  Half Share Picked up is $250.00 per season and HALF Bushel Weekly$125.00 Down and 10 weekly payments of $12.50


Planting for 2010 Harvest

Photo from 2009 Garden