Welcome To Whispering W Farm

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Our Beginning

In 1994 we were faced with an issue with our new born son. He was diagnosed with an allergy to mother’s milk and all shelved milk formulas. A very dear older lady we knew that had lived on a farm most of her life told us to try goats milk, it was a success to the point we raised our other children on it as well. After 14 years of praying and lots of hard work and many nights of talking, we were able to acquire the little corner of our earthly heaven.  

A Little About the Family

My wife and I went to high school together in the early 80's and got married in 1992. We have five chlidren, Angel is a Registered Nurse, Tiffany is at home with our Lord and Savior, Cody, Tyler, and Aaliyah are at home and help out on the farm. The Good Lord has blessed us with his Salvation, a Great Church, our Children and our Farm. Our Farm Name came from a statement that is in the KJV Bible, The Winds of the Lords Voice is but a Whisper to those who Listen.

Links to Our Site

The links are on the left side so that you can get to know us and what our beliefs are. You will find out about our Goats, Organic Gardening, Our Rabbits, and Our Guinea Pigs.